About Us


Our firm was founded in 1988 to meet the needs of small business owners - greater efficiency, greater effectiveness, and real results.  More than 30 years later, we have served a wide variety of organizations and teams, but remain true to the foundation of our philosophy. 

We exist to help organizations achieve better results. We are experts in helping craft a laser-focused vision, a focused plan to achieve that vision and detailed action plans with measurement and accountability - all with one goal - RESULTS.

Working with organizations who are facing new challenges is our “sweet spot” of service. We enjoy helping our clients rise above the chaos to get better results. We strive to provide greater value through a genuine concern for our clients’ success.

Our philosophy of collaborative planning, execution  and analysis is the pillar of our success. Let us help you achieve better results.

A note from

Paul Kampen, Partner

As I am writing this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic with the Coronavirus. We are committed to helping small businesses any way we can during this challenging time. If you or someone you know needs help getting through this challenging business environment, please contact me personally to see if we can be of assistance. 

I would enjoy speaking with you directly, but by way of introduction, what follows is a bit about my business background.


I started my business career as a financial analyst for a utility (Contel Telephone – later acquired by GTE) after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting from the University of Missouri – St. Louis. During this period, my wife founded Kampen Consultants as a marketing management firm. When the business began to grow, I left Contel to help with accounting and any quantitative pieces of our client work. The LLC and partnership was formed in 1991. Over the next 16 years I gradually began engaging with clients directly to solve specific business needs. This included everything from client business plans to strategic planning engagements. Over time, we discovered our firm’s “sweet spot” is helping businesses and organizations in times of change and transition.

There have been three occasions when I left the firm for a period of time. In all three cases, I stepped out for extraordinary opportunities in a new and emerging field.

The first was with Incyte Pharmaceuticals when they had a newly acquired high growth subsidiary in St. Louis and needed help with metrics development, management reporting, workforce analytics and budgeting. This firm was in the race to map the human genome and scaling at a frantic pace. It was an exciting time in history and I was fortunate to be a part of helping to “tame the chaos”.


The second was with Panera Bread during their high growth phase when they moved from a small and packed office space to a new headquarters. I was the sole sales and marketing analyst for the firm and am grateful to have been a part of helping to analyze sales, develop a new sales scorecard, and provide analysis for all test products to better manage the menu. I had the honor of working with the most senior executives there and some of the brightest business minds I have worked with to date.

The third was an opportunity with Citi (Citigroup). Citi was at the forefront of an emerging field of workforce analytics. I was asked to join a small global internal consulting team to help standardize and mature the people metrics at the bank. Our small team standardized metrics and reporting around the globe and designed and tested the first online global HR dashboard at the company. After the dashboard was successfully implemented, I was promoted to a position to help solve some ongoing issues with data quality and data related processes. I learned a great deal there about database systems and emerging technologies in big data and analytics.


I always consider it an honor and privilege when asked to help an organization with a new challenge. We realize this is a trust business and while I will never claim to know all the answers, I can commit to you that I will work with you to execute the best solutions for your particular needs.