Is Your Team Aligned?

We provide proven training & development to assure diverse members are aligned with your company purpose.


It is no secret that our workforce is rapidly becoming more diverse.  We have individual employees with unique experiences, perspectives, contributions and needs.  And they want to share them.

The Kampen approach is holistic.  We know from experience that unless a company’s employees are aligned to the same organizational Purpose as their leader, the best Marketing Program will NOT be successful.  Communication of that Vision is critical.  It is also challenging.

Individuals receive information in different ways — What you think you are communicating clearly, may not be received as intended.  Consider your own team’s response to this Exercise:

“I know that you believe you
understand what you think I said,
but I am not sure you realize that
what you heard is not what I
Quote from a government official

Can you imagine how many different interpretations each of your team members — and their leaders — may come up with?  Now factor in any cultural, language, communication and bias filters; and you have a plethora of possible interpretations!

The Twist:  We can help you get your entire organization aligned and focused on the same purpose.  Our training incorporates value-based cross-cultural communications strategies to assure full understanding and buy-in from every member of your team.

Training & Development

Martha Garcia Kampen, Professional Trainer

Martha Garcia Kampen has presented hundreds of training programs internationally to a variety of business, professional and non-profit organizations.  Her style is candid, direct and engaging.  Participants typically leave feeling energized and valued after a Kampen training session.

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Maximize your Marketing efforts by assuring EACH MEMBER of your organization is focused on what you want and need them to do; and that they are motivated through a clear understanding of their individual purpose in the organization’s Mission, Vision & Goals.

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