Focus > Action > Results.

Most savvy business owners know they need a plan to succeed. But even the most simple, direct plan can lose its effectiveness if there is no clear FOCUS of Purpose.  Purpose without ACTION gives no results.  Results come from a well-executed STRATEGY that is On Target.

       Q: Is your Plan too complicated?
       Q: Is your Marketing Team “working the Plan?”
       Q: Are you sure your Strategies are in line with your Market Conditions?
       Q: Are you executing a Plan with Competitive Advantages?

Let Kampen bring Focus, Action and Results to your business.


Since 1988 Kampen Consultants has been helping Business Owners & Managers more effectively set and meet their Marketing Goals.  We have developed a proprietary process, honed through our more than 30 years’ experience, to assure impactful goals are set, executed, measured and delivered.

FOCUS – The end-Goal is where Kampen Consultants, LLC begins. Gathering primary and secondary research to determine the best strategic approach, given the organization’s resources, SWOT, market position, competitive environment and brand awareness.

ACTION – Executing the Plan in the most cost-efficient and effective way, is the foundation of Kampen’s successful outcomes.

RESULTS – Assuring accountability, measurement, flexible adaptation and full-service management provides the ROI expected from our clients.

Contact Us Today for a No-Risk, No-Obligation, High Return Assessment of your Marketing Program. We guarantee you will receive at least THREE new ideas on how to improve your Marketing Results.