Would You Like an Increase in Sales?

Perhaps you’ve been selling to a market that is now shrinking.  Or maybe you are not growing at the pace you projected (or expected).  Now is the time to seek an influx of sales from new markets.

Cross-Cultural Integration

A Kampen Specialty

Have you considered:

  • Hispanic Market?   This market is younger, eager to achieve the American Dream, setting up households, buying baby items, still cooks at home, loves to communicate, purchases beauty & health products, loves to party with extended family, is earning and spending on goods & services they trust, is brand loyal, and more.
  • Immigrant Entrepreneur?   More and more start-ups are by immigrants to our country.  This market needs financing, business services & goods, mentoring and advice, commercial space, printing, supplies, etc.
  • Asian Market?  This is a highly educated, high earning group who are growing quickly.  Family-loyal, particular in their needs, they will reward the companies who recognize their affluence and unique cultural values.
  • Working Mothers?   This market is savvy, resourced and used to making decisions.  They are also quality and time-conscious.  This segment is looking for goods and services to streamline and enhance their life.  They are highly motivated to assure a high quality of life for their children, and family.
  • Tweens & Teens?   Due to their connectivity, this group is “in the know” of the latest technology, products and services catering to their needs.  They are one of the fastest-growing markets.  They are highly influencial in decision-making for goods & services.
  • Baby Boomers?   This market has always been an marketer’s dream, but are you addressing their new needs? If you sell financial services, travel & leisure, hospitality, restaurants, home renovation, healthcare, beauty products, anything that will keep them independent and strong, then this market is for you.
  • Silent Generation?   An often over-looked group, any company who communicates directly with this lucrative market will gain in big rewards.  Needs are similar to those of Baby Boomers.  And yes, the older Silents are finally doing what they have worked all their lives to do — Retire & Travel.

Whether you are in a declining market or need an influx of new sales, Kampen can help you identify your best prospects.

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