Are you sure your Message is hitting the mark with your Best Prospects?

Perhaps you have spent thousands of dollars on various forms of advertising; sales programs, website development and social media communications – and you are still not seeing the results you need.

Most marketing messages miss their intended target because they did not resonate with the intended audience.

Ask yourself a couple of Questions:

  1. How much thought, objective research and preparation has gone into validating the MESSAGE that is going out?
  2. Is your message truly resonating with your “Ideal Customer/Client?” 

How to Be Relevant – a Quick Guideline:

1.  Define your “Ideal” Customer.  Who is most likely to buy from you?  Why?  What do you know about them?  We’re not just talking demographic profile here, we want to look at psychographics,  lifestyle, pains, needs, motivating drivers for your product/service.

2.  Determine your true UVP.  Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is determined by your Customer — not You.  Start with a full understanding of the Value your product/service provides to your best (“ideal”) customer.

3.  Understand what is Most Important to your Customer.   What are their problems, challenges, alternatives when it comes to your product/service? Really get in their world and understand their psyche as much as possible. Remember, it’s the emotional drivers that drive a consumer toward a decision for YOUR product/service – or not.

4. Validate.  How do you know for sure?  There are many ways to validate what your customer perceives to be of value — and not valuable — to them.  Don’t rely on history, or your own “gut sense.”  Even when asked directly, customers will many times tell you what they think you want to hear, but that does not necessarily reflect their real motives and intentions toward future purchases.  Our experience will prove effective for you to get to the “heart” of your customers quickly.

5. Test the Message Options.   Before committing a large budget to a single message, test several options.  Again, several cost-efficient ways exist to test more than one message option.  Ask us how.

All the money in the world will go to waste in flashy, sexy, high-tech communications methods IF YOUR MESSAGE IS IRRELEVANT. It is worth the time, and small percentage of your marketing resources, to first examine what is important, relevant, and emotionally engaging to your ideal customers, and then carefully develop a message that hits them in their mind, gut….and heart!

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